Gift Cards - How does it work

One Gift Fits All!

You have chosen the perfect gift. With ILATRENDZ Gift Card, your friends and family have the flexibility to choose their own gift. They can use the Gift Card to make purchases online on https://ilatrendz.com


How do I purchase a Gift Card?

You can purchase the gift card just like purchasing any other product. Search for product  IlaTrendz - Virtual Gift Card , enter the recipient's name and email id , your name and email id , message and the price value for the gift card and add to cart.

Once added to cart, make payment by entering the details required and make payment.



How does it work?

Once you have placed an order for the gift card, the system generates a gift code and we will activate the card and once activated the virtual gift card number will be emailed to the recipient's email id specified in the order. The gift card doesn't have an end date.  

The gift card number should be entered in the shopping cart page as shown in the picture attached. 





The card as many times as you would like until the balance of the card is depleted. As your card is used, the amount of the purchase is automatically deducted from the available balance. When the balance is reduced to zero.

Give a little gift that will go over big!